Quatre Agency looking for new professional models and talent in Dallas

Dallas Texas based Quatre Agency, lic#509, is seeking new professional talent to add to their roster of professional models and talent. Quatre Agency established in 2007 is a small but vastly growing agency looking to obtain talent of all ethnic backgrounds. They pride ourselves on teaching and training all of their talent to be the best at what they do. With their professional staff, Quatre is able to assist in runway training, acting training and in front of camera training, so you do not have to be seasoned to become a Q-Model or Talent.

Quatre is not a school and does not ask for monies to sign, however they do ask that you are dedicated, and have a passion for what you are doing.

As the agency grows and seeks more major clients, they would like to stand upon the mission statement of being multi-cultural. Giving the client a broader choice of professionals, Quatre has worked with clients such as NIKE, Dallas Cowboys, Sams Club, and TJMaxx.

High Fashion/Runway models:


5'9" to 6'1"
Dress size 6 and under
Hips under 36 inches


5'11" to 6'2"

Print Models:

Women at least 5'7" and Taller

Men at least 5'9" and Taller

Full Figured Models:

At least 5'10" and taller
Dress size 12-16
FIT and fabulous

Please send 2 images, including headshot with resume and stats.

Email Submission to:


You may also send in a hard copy submission to:

NaKisha Ortiz
Quatre Modeling Agency
4002 Eastside Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226

214.370.3311 main
214.887.3622 fax

Quatre does look to work with other Agencies outside of Texas to give our talent an even greater opportunity to get into the industry, so you must be willing to travel.

Pro Model & Casting Agency accepting new East Coast actors and models

No experience or modeling school is necessary in order to join the agency. There is no up-front agency fee upon acceptance into the agency. If you are under the age of 18, you must have parental or guardian consent before this agency will represent you.

Pro Model & Casting Agency specializes in the following:

● Men
● Women
● Teens
● Kids
● Ethnics
● Seniors
● Families
● Animals
● All age groups

The agency represents talent in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Washington DC, and Virginia, in the following areas:


● Catalogs
● Billboards
● Brochures
● Ad Campaigns
● Product Packaging
● Websites


● Commercials
● Infomercials
● Documentaries
● In House
● Videos
● Television
● Feature Films
● Voice Overs
● Character
● Matching


● Spokesmodels
● Trade Shows

You may email your photo and resume to: promodel@fast.net

Please put "New Talent" in the subject line.

You may also send in your photo and resume to:

Pro Model & Casting Agency
687 East Broad Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Craze Modeling and Talent Agency accepting new actors and models

The Craze Modeling and Talent Agency in Sandy, Utah is currently accepting submissions from new clients for their modeling and acting divisions. The agency was established in 1999 and is a government licensed modeling and talent agency registered and top rated by all major legal government bureaus. As of November 17th 2009, The Craze Agency was the 38th ranked talent and modeling agency in the world.

Craze Modeling and Talent Agency represents talent in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Western Colorado, Southeast Oregon, South Nevada, and Spokane, Washington.

This is a TALENT AGENCY, NOT a training center. There are no up-front fees required to be represented by them. They do not require you to take classes. Once you are accepted they simply work hard to represent you in the areas you are ready for.

Some of the clients that have auditioned Craze Agency talent are:

Den Brother - Disney Feature Film
High School Musical 1,2,3 - Feature Film Actors, Dancers , Extras
Hatching Pete - Disney Film
Mattel - Batman National Commercial
Daddy Day Camp - Feature Film starring Cuba Gooding Jr- Co-Stars and Extras
Subway - National Commercials
Chevrolet - National Commercials
Radio Disney

Send photo and resume to:

Rosie Anderson
Craze Agency
9192 S. 300 W. #2,
SANDY, UT 84070


Craze Agency
410 S. Orchard St.
Suite 164
Boise, ID 83705

You may also submit by email:


Please specify your location when submitting.

Katalyst Talent Agency Open Call in Covington, KY

Katalyst LLC, a full service agency is currently expanding it's roster. Katalyst represents and books actors, models, and voice-over talent, locally, regionally, and nationally.

Katalyst serves the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Tennessee markets, as well as select national clients. The open call will be open to all who are interested in seeking representation with Katalyst. Katalyst accepts beginners and those with extensive experience. Katalyst represents actors and models locally and nationally. Katalyst does work on nationally based projects, however the majority of the work booked is in the Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana tri-state area.

They are looking especially to expand our ethnic roster, as well as fashion models and African-American males ages 30+.

Open Call Details


Katalyst, LLC
525 W 5th St
Covington, KY 41011-1260
CLICK HERE for directions.


Saturday December 19, 2009
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Open calls are on a first come, first served basis. You do not need to make an appointment.

What to bring to the open call:


Prepare a monologue that best shows your acting skills. It must be age appropriate for you and under 2 minutes. It also needs to show your acting abilities for the camera as onstage acting is very different from on-camera. You will also need to bring in your pictures and resume. If you have an assortment of pictures for the agency to view please bring them in as it important that they have a variety of a pictures.

Beginning Actors - Adult and Children

Adult and children who have no experience in this industry and are looking to break in should bring in several photographs of themselves where they can be seen clearly. You will be asked to cold read so they can see your capabilities. Cold reading is a term used by actors and other performers in theater, television, film and any other performance field. A cold reading is reading aloud from a script or other text without any rehearsal, practice or study in advance. Cold readings are employed frequently in actor auditions, to allow the agent or casting director to get a general idea of their performing capabilities


Models should bring in a variety of pictures. If you have a portfolio or comp card please bring them in for the agents to review. Also, bring in a resume with past work experience. If you are new to the industry please bring in snapshots that you have. Please bring in appropriate pictures for this area as the area is conservative. Children who are interested in modeling should bring in pictures that are age appropriate.

Talent Agency holding open calls for Models and Actors near Indianapolis

The Helen Wells Agency is holding a series of open calls for new talent, both actors and models near Indianapolis, Indiana. Founder Helen Wells started this agency in 1980 and still runs the company with the assistance of several of her five children. This is a legit, established, respected agency. Helen not only remains active in the business, but serves on the board of several companies, including the Better Business Bureau.

You will need to bring a current photograph (taken within the last month) that you can leave with the agency, the picture does not need to be professional taken, but it should be of you on your best, normal day, without extra makeup or photo manipulation. It should be in color and in focus. Again, this picture will not be returned to you. Also, bring a resume. It is only necessary if it is within the past year and pertinent to our industry.

You MUST download the information sheet and bring it with you.

CLICK HERE to download the information sheet.

● You should come casually dressed. Please bring a pen and pad of paper for note-taking purposes.

● Be on time. Late parties will be asked to return to an Open Call at a later date.

● Only the person interested in joining should attend the Open Call.

● Only one parent/guardian per child will be permitted, for Teen and Child Open Calls). Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

● Only bring the child/teen you are interested in joining the agency; these are our most well-attended open calls and seating is limited.

Which Open Call should you attend:

Children (5-12 years) should attend the Open Call for Children, regardless of acting or modeling ability/interest.

Teens (13-18 years) should attend the Open Call for Teens, regardless of acting or modeling ability/interest.

Adults (19+ years) who are interested in modeling or who would like more information about our agency and what we do, should attend the Open Call for Modeling.

Adults (19+ years) who have had acting experience should attend the Open Call for Actors.

If you are an adult interested in both modeling and acting, you may attend either open call. Open calls for teens are for ages 13-18 years. Open call for children are for ages 5- 12 years.

Open Call Details


Models: Tuesday November 10th, 2009 10:000am
Teens: Wednesday November 11th, 2009 3:30pm
Actors: Thursday November 12th, 2009 10:00am
Children: Wednesday November 18th, 2009 3:30pm


Models: Tuesday December 8th, 2009 10am
Teens: Wednesday December 9th, 2009 3:30pm
Actors: Thursday December 10th, 2009 10am
Children: Wednesday December 16th, 2009 3:30pm


Village of West Clay
12721 Meeting House Road
Carmel, IN 46032
CLICK HERE for directions.

Open Calls are held in the Green Room on the first floor of the Village of West Clay Meeting House.

Talent and Literary Agency Don Buchwald and Associates holding open call in New York

Talent and Literary Agency Don Buchwald and Associates in New York City will be holding an open casting call on October 10, 2009. They are seeking talented young actors and theatre performers between the ages of 5 and 17 years old. Don Buchwald and Associates has offices in both New York City and Los Angeles, CA. The agency is a member of the Association of Talent Agents (ATA) and National Association of Talent Representatives (NATR).

In New York City, Don Buchwald and Associates is housed on six floors of their own office building in mid-town, between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. In Los Angeles, the company occupies a 12,000 square foot office complex at 6500 Wilshire Boulevard, overlooking the heart of the city. The agency became an industry leader in 1977 when Don Buchwald with five associates founded the company. They have since grown to become a strong bi-coastal force in the entertainment industry.

The open call is NOT being held at the agency office.

You MUST email the following and request an appointment time and registration for the call :

Important Information Regarding Non-SAG Franchised Talent Agents

There are some talent agencies that are no longer franchised by Screen Actors Guild. This means that those agents have no legal obligation to abide by the requirements of Rule 16(g), the SAG Agency Franchise Agreement, and that SAG cannot enforce the Agency Franchise Agreement against those agents. The Guild’s leadership will immediately engage in an active campaign to persuade agents to re-sign the Agency Franchise Agreement.

Although members are permitted during this interim period to be represented by an ATA/NATR Talent Agent, members are advised not to sign individual representation agreements if the terms provide less protection than Rule 16(g), the SAG Agency Franchise Agreement. Examples of agreements which provide less protection are those with: a term longer than 3 years, a commission rate of greater than 10% and payment of commission on compensation including penalties, residuals, per diem, etc.

ATA agents have no legal obligation to abide by the requirements of Rule 16(g), the SAG Agency Franchise Agreement, and many of them have chosen not to do so. SAG cannot enforce its agency rules against these agencies. Although members are permitted during this interim period to be represented by these formerly franchised agents, members are advised not to sign any individual representation agreements presented to them (e.g., “general service agreements,” or “GSAs” or “Stare approved agency contracts”) with these entities without first consulting with their Guild, especially if the terms contained therein provide less protection than the SAG Agency Franchise Agreement.

Most GSAs contain provisions which offer SAG members drastically fewer protections than those in the Agency franchise, including, but not limited to, the ability for the agent to commission previously non-commissionable residuals as well as other sources of revenue, and significant alterations in the performer’s ability to terminate his/her agency contract. Members will also note that SAG will not be able to offer its arbitration/mediation services to settle commission or other disputes with these agents since they are no longer under SAG jurisdiction.

What to do if an Actor is handed a General Services Agreements (GSA) to sign:

● Attempt to negotiate terms and conditions that are similar to, or better than, those in the standard SAG Agency Agreement.

● Seek independent legal advice prior to signing any contract that is NOT a SAG Contract.

● Immediately notify SAG’s Agency Department (in LA: 323-549-6745; in New York, 212-827-1444) and provide the Guild with a copy of the GSA so that the union may assist you in reviewing it.

New Talent Agency in Charlottesville, VA seeking new local talent

A new talent agency is attempting to fill a void in Central Virginia. Conversations with film industry professionals have made it clear that there is a need for an agency to represent emerging talents as well as established performers in the Charlottesville area.

They are currently seeking youth (ages 5-10), tweens, young adult, and adult actors to fill their roster. This is currently a proposal to create the agency and they are going to be very selective, as one of the partners is a former agent from Los Angeles and has many contacts in the industry. The agency's main focus will be to market talent not only in and around Charlottesville, but outside the state of Virginia as well.

For the time being they are only accepting talent from Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

Email the following:

In your email please introduce yourself along with your experience, immediate goals and training. If you are the parent of a minor child please indicate special skills/training the child has. Also, please indicate any trouble you have had with representation in the area. Perhaps you are a parent of a child and a company has asked you for money to get you work. Or you are an adult and had to wait months to get paid for a job you completed. The agency wants to hear all of the nightmares you have experienced in the area due to scammers, unethical business practices, and even lack of information. They want to make sure that they provide their clients with the best services, education and information.

Please submit one headshot and a resume (if your child does not have a resume, please indicate what skills, demeanor, special characteristics and qualities your child possesses).

You may include a link to your online resume link (i.e. Personal Website) or casting (i.e. NowCasting, Actorcast, etc.) resume link if you have one.

Do not submit video reels at this time.

Progressive Artists Agency holding additional open casting call for it's Youth Division

Progressive Artists Agency is holding another open call for its youth division (ages 5 -17) this Saturday, September 26.

This open call is only for actors between the ages of 5 and 17 who are available to audition and work in the Los Angeles area.

Progressive Artists is an established boutique talent agency in West Hollywood that has been representing top talent in television, film and theatre for over twenty-five years. This is an extraordinary opportunity for young actors to introduce themselves to representatives who have the ear of the top casting directors in town.

To receive an appointment time, or for more information, please send an email to:


All emails must include the child and accompanying parent’s names and the child’s age in order to be responded to with an appointment. Please do not send headshots and resumes without this required information. Thank you.


Progressive Artists Agency
1041 N. Formosa Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046


Saturday, September 26, 2009
10:00am - 3:00pm

No phone calls to the agency please. As a licensed California talent agent, Progressive Artists does not take any fees from its clients or prospective clients. Clients pay in commission when they work.

Important Notice to AFTRA Members and AFTRA Franchised Agents

No Contract, No Work Rule In Effect for Commercials Produced by Nickelodeon

Please be advised that Nickelodeon is not signed to the AFTRA Television Commercials Contract or the AFTRA Radio Commercials Contract.

Although AFTRA has collective bargaining agreements with Nickelodeon covering other types of programs, members are prohibited from accepting employment for commercial services by Nickelodeon or by any other employer, unless that employer is signatory to the applicable AFTRA TV or Radio Commercials Contract.

Please be reminded that AFTRA members may not accept employment in commercials, whether for broadcast, cable or the Internet, unless the employer is signed to the AFTRA Television Commercials Contract or the AFTRA Radio Commercials Contract. (AFTRA members are also permitted to work under the SAG TV Commercials Contract.)

Franchised Talent Agents should check and verify the signatory status of an employer who seeks to engage their AFTRA member clients for services in a broadcast, cable or Internet commercial.

If you have questions about this notice, about the signatory status of an employer, or about whether a particular project is commercial in nature rather than a covered program or promo, please contact your nearest AFTRA office.

Click here to see the list of AFTRA Locals, along with their contact information.

CESD is currently accepting submissions

Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty (CESD) is currently accepting submissions from youth and young adult talent seeking representation in their theatrical, on-camera commercials, and dance divisions.

CESD has been around for nearly a half century and is an extremely respected top talent agency with offices in New York City and Los Angeles. They have a large client base that includes numerous stars such as Chevy Chase, Peter Fonda, Burt Reynolds, James Garner, Edward James Olmos, Ann-Margret, Peter Fonda, Kristen Bell, Howie Mandel, and many many more.

The agency has the following divisions:

● Theatrical
● On Camera Commercials
● Commercial Voice-Over
● Models/Print
● Celebrity On Camera
● Celebrity Voice-Over
● Promo
● Trailer
● Radio Imaging
● TV Affiliates
● Animation
● Narration
● Espanol Voice-Over
● Puppeteers
● Beauty
● Dance
● Hosting

Please submit photos and resume, along with any demo material, to the following addresses by mail only:

Los Angeles:

ATTN: New Talent
Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

New York City:

ATTN: New Talent
Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty
257 Park Ave. S.
9th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Click Here for photo and resume information.

Click Here for information on how to submit photos and resumes to talent agents.


SAG Members - What You Need to Know About Your Agency Contract Before Signing It


Screen Actors Guild National Agency staff will hold a bi-coastal educational seminar on general service agreements, or GSAs (i.e., the contracts that ATA/NATR agents have been using to represent our members instead of the standard SAG agency contract). These GSA contracts are signed outside of SAG’s protection, and it is imperative that members have a working knowledge of what these contracts say before signing them—your professional future and your income may depend on it. This educational seminar will be especially helpful to any member having trouble making sense of the complicated legal language contained in the contracts that their agents have provided them. We urge all SAG members to attend. The event will not be taped.


Noon-2:30 p.m. (PDT) and 3-5:30 p.m. (EDT) on Monday, August 24, 2009 (RSVP required*)


Los Angeles:
James Cagney Board Room (first floor)
5757 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90036
Parking will be validated.

New York:
NY Boardroom
360 Madison Avenue
12th Floor
New York, NY 10017


The seminar will be conducted by National Director and Senior Counsel of Agency Relations Zino Macaluso and Senior Agency Manager Xochitl Cerda in Los Angeles. Members in New York will participate live via videoconference. You must bring your SAG membership card (paid thru October 31, 2009) in order to attend this event. No exceptions will be made. We strongly encourage all members who attend to bring a notepad and pen with them to these meetings.


Performers interested in attending should immediately e-mail the Guild’s agency mailbox at agentquestion@sag.org. Please write SAG GSA Seminar—Reservation in the subject line. YOU MUST ALSO INDICATE IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING FROM HOLLYWOOD OR NEW YORK. Only those members who have received confirmation e-mails from SAG may attend, so please act quickly as seating is limited.

Questions about upcoming events should be directed to the SAG Agency Department at (323) 549-6745 (Hollywood) or (212) 827-1445 (New York). Any performer who has to cancel a reservation is asked to notify SAG immediately so that members on the waiting list may be contacted. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 24, 2009.

NBC launches “The Four Directions Talent Search” to discover new Native American performers and writers

In a major effort to increase the presence of Native Americans on television, NBC and the Oneida Indian Nation have launched a nationwide talent search to find actors, comedians, models, and writers with the potential to be cast in and write for programs in development and on the air.

In a major effort to increase the presence of Native Americans on television, NBC Entertainment and the Oneida Nation launched a web site to find Indian actors, comedians and writers with the potential to be cast in and write for programs in development and on the air. “The Four Directions Talent Search” is open to tribally affiliated Native Americans who are not currently under contract with a talent agent or studio.

This site will provide a much needed search tool to be used by casting directors, talent agents, producers, and directors. The site also includes news and current events that relate to the Native-American community and a place for job postings both in-front of and behind the camera. Oneida Nation with NBC Entertainment has created to promote & sustain on-camera diversity through community involvement and development, showcasing non-traditional casting choices, and creating programs to raise awareness within the entire entertainment community.

Will not only identify talent but also create an entrĂ©e for people who may not have had access to the industry in the past, and showcase their talents on a continuing basis. “Breaking into films, television, or live theater is difficult for anyone” said Ray Halbritter, Nation Representative and CEO of the Oneida Nation. “It is especially difficult for Native Americans who may have talent but never have had access to the opportunities. Through Four Directions Talent, NBC Entertainment and Oneida Nation will help open doors and cultivate this talent.” “This talent search is an exciting opportunity for NBC, and the rest of the Hollywood creative community, to discover new Native American performers and writers. NBC is proud to co-sponsor this site and remains committed to proactively develop new voices of all ethnicities,” said Marc Hirschfeld, Executive Vice-President, Casting, NBC Entertainment.

To get started, simply click here, fill out the questionnaire and you will receive an email once approval.

Jaime Ferrar Agency seeking children who are fluent in both Spanish and English

Jaime Ferrar Agency (JFA) is now seeking kids ages 6-14 who are bilingual in both Spanish and English.

Agent Jaime Ferrar's experience spans over 25 years in the entertainment industry. As an actor he has worked alongside Jim Carrey, Martin Sheen, and Doris Roberts. As a talent scout at the Carlos Alvarado Agency he discovered nine-year-old actor Eddy Martin who starred in Salma Hayak's directorial debut, The Maldonado Miracle. In 2003, he started his own company, the Jaime Ferrar Agency (JFA) where he represents actors of all ages in TV, film and commercials.

Jaime is a true favorite of Casting Directors and is adored by his clients. You can catch his clients on hit shows like CSI, Southland, Weeds, Nip/Tuck, My Name is Earl, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, General Hospital, One Life to Live, Disney Jonas Brothers commercials, and the list goes on.

If your child is between 6-14 years of age, is bilingual in both Spanish and English, and lives in the Southern California area, submit headshot and resume by email to:


Write ATTN: "Jaime Ferrar bilingual kids" in the subject line.

Or send a hard copy headshot and resume to:

Bilingual Kids
Jaime Ferrar Agency
4741 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Ste 110
Valley Village, CA 91607

Progressive Artists Agency Open Call for their Youth Division in Los Angeles

Progressive Artists Agency is holding its first open call for its youth division (ages 5 -17) on Saturday, August 15, 2009.

Progressive Artists is a well respected and established boutique talent agency in West Hollywood, CA that has been representing top talent in television, film and theatre for over twenty-five years. This is an extraordinary opportunity for young actors to introduce themselves to representatives who have the ear of the top casting directors in town.

Bernard Carneol, Belle L. Zwerdling, and Jillana Devine are established agents, representing actors active in film, television, and theater. As agents at Progressive Artists Agency Corporation, they are responsible for negotiating clients' contracts, which requires sophisticated negotiating skills and extensive experience. The firm is highly selective in their choice of clients, who they represent with commitment and passion.

Jillana Devine is in charge of the agency's Youth Division, both Theatrical & Commercial. Ms. Devine is conducting an open call for young actors between the ages of 5 - 17 years.

To receive an appointment time, or for more information, please send an email to:


Include the child and accompanying parent’s names and the child’s age.

Open Call Location and Date:


Progressive Artists Agency
1041 N. Formosa Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046


Saturday, August 15, 2009

No phone calls or personal drop-offs!

As a licensed California talent agent, Progressive Artists does not take any fees from its clients or prospective clients. Clients pay in commission when they work.

Vancouver based Talent Agency holding open auditions for new clients

Boss Management Inc., a Vancouver based Talent Agency , known as a "Boutique Agency" is holding an open audition to meet new actors who are currently looking for representation in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.


Also, looking for tweens and teens, so if there are tweens and teens between 11 yrs - 15 yrs who are looking for an agent they want to see you.

Please bring your Actors Head Shot and resume to the open call.


Suite 1500
510 West Hastings St
Vancouver (at the corner of Richards)


Tuesday July 14th at 6:00 PM.
Plan on being here for about 45 minutes to 1 hour max.

The Open Audition is a meet and greet, they will then review your head shot and resume and will be calling selected actors in for a one on one cold read / monologue session.

Ambassador Talent Actor Submissions Chicago

Ambassador Talent Agents Inc. has been around since 1984 and has become a leading force in the Entertainment Industry ever since. Ambassador Is a SAG and AFTRA affiliated agency has an impeccable reputation with clients and Talent alike.

Ambassador specializes in film, television, industrials, commercials, theatre, voice-over, print, runway modeling, and promotional events. Ambassador Talent is the most respected full service agency in Chicago

Ambassador Talent is a MAIL submission only company.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND E-MAIL Submissions. No personal deliveries.

Submission can be sent to:

Ambassador Talent Agents inc.
333 N. Michigan ave. Suite 910
Chicago IL 60601
attn: New Talent

Please send A cover letter with attached Headshot and Resume. For babies snapshots are fine, but please include stats and date of picture and date of birth on a label on the back.

It will take about 4-6 weeks to get a response from the agency.

Baron Entertainment Actor Submissions

Baron Entertainment, Inc. is a fully-licensed Los Angeles/Hollywood Talent Agency franchised by both SAG and AFTRA, with a San Diego branch and Baron Babies division. The company represents talented actors and actresses for motion pictures, television and commercials, and modeling. Baron Entertainment has become a powerhouse in the industry. Baron Entertainment places a high value on the relationship between client and agent, encouraging clients to stay in close contact. This allows submissions to be based on the personality behind the headshot and results in a high booking percentage as well as a trusting relationship between Casting Directors and Agency. Baron Entertainment accepts photos and resumes by regular mail only at the following address. They also attend actor showcases and accept showcase invitations.

To submit yourself to the Los Angeles division, mail your materials to:

Baron Entertainment
13848 Ventura Blvd. Suite A
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
ATTN: New Talent

To submit yourself to the San Diego division, mail your materials to:

Baron Entertainment
13848 Ventura Blvd. Suite A
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
ATTN: New Talent - San Diego

To submit yourself to the Baron Babies division, mail materials about your newborn through 3 year old to:

Baron Entertainment
13848 Ventura Blvd. Suite A
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
ATTN: New Talent - Babies

Baron does not accept electronic submissions. Interviews are by appointment only. Please do not phone, e-mail, fax or visit.

Los Angeles Talent Agency charged with false advertising in child talent search

A talent agency and its owner have been charged with falsely advertising to child actors and charging them $1,500 for an agent. The Los Angeles city attorney's office filed five counts each against Carl Carranza and Flashcast Companies Inc.

Five victims have complained to the city about Carranza advertising on Craigslist.org for a free talent search for children to work in modeling, catalogs and television commercials. Flashcast allegedly sent e-mails inviting the children and their parents to their offices where they were told that they could get a licensed agent for $1,495.

Prosecutors say Carranza was convicted on similar charges in 2002. He faces up to 2 1/2 years in prison and $12,500 in fines if convicted of making false or misleading statements.

Call for Actors Seeking Talent Agent in New Mexico

The Atherton Group is seeking submissions for prospective talent for representation in The New Mexico Market in Film, Television, Commercial, Voice Over, and Print. Founded in 1994, The Atherton Group has been ranked as one of the top talent agencies by the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com). Recent success stories for talent with The Atherton Group include Brea Grant (star of NBC’s hit TV series HEROES), Cambell Westmoreland (cast in Robert Rodriguez’s SHORTS and Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD), Davi Jay (cast in HBO’s upcoming series TREME), and Natalia Castellanos (cast in an upcoming episode of CBS’s CSI:NY). In addition to serving the Texas and New Mexico markets, the agency also has divisions in Louisiana and California.

The agency is accepting submissions from the following...

Children: They do not represent babies. They are currently only accepting submissions from children who are at least 4 years of age. If you do not have a professional headshot, please submit two or three close-up images, including a face shot and a body shot, along with a resume of your interests and special skills. Please include hair and eye color, height, weight, ethnicity, and date of birth.

Voice-Over Talent: Please email your resume and Voice-Over demo(s) (links only - do not email large files). They will consider Voice Over Talent from other regions who have in-house studios, ISDN and/or Phone Patch capabilities.

To be considered for representation please mail your headshot(s), resume, and other material to:

The Atherton Group Operations
New Mexico Submission
1310 E. University Avenue
Georgetown, Texas 78626

No Phone Calls. Meetings by Appointment Only.

Voice Over talent ONLY can email a demo to:


Please note that they receive many submissions and cannot always get back with everyone. They will contact you for an appointment if interested.

Headshot and Resume Information

I have been receiving some inquiries regarding what type of photos and resumes to send to a casting director or agent. Below is a sample of a professional actors resume and photo.

The photo should not be a school photo, glamor shot, or a snapshot taken by a non-professional photographer. The photo should be 8" X 10" in size, the resume should be cut to the exact same size and stapled back to back on the photo. When you flip the photo over, the resume should be viewable on the other side. Do NOT paper clip the resume, but staple it on all four corners. Your name and any union affiliations should be printed on the bottom of the photo, either on the border or on the corner of the photo itself. That way if by some chance the photo does become detached from the resume, the casting director can match them up again. The photo should be color and professionally taken.

Just remember that your photo is your calling card. It should represent the "real" you, the way you look in everyday life. If your hair is long in the photo, then your hair should be long when you walk in the casting office. If your skin is fair, then you should not come to the casting office with a dark tan. Always keep your photos up-to-date according to your look.

The photo can be taken either horizontal or vertical.

Sample Headshots:

Actress Cheyenne Logan

This is child actor Marcus Calderon, and he landed a national Disneyland commercial with this photo.

Sample Resume:

Click Here for a sample Beginners Resume.

One last note about your photos:

If you can't afford to pay a professional photographer to take your photos right now, you can try something else. If there is a school nearby that has a photography department, go there and see if you can do "testing". Testing is when you exchange your time posing for a photography student in exchange for them taking some theatrical headshots and giving you some prints.