Talent and Literary Agency Don Buchwald and Associates holding open call in New York

Talent and Literary Agency Don Buchwald and Associates in New York City will be holding an open casting call on October 10, 2009. They are seeking talented young actors and theatre performers between the ages of 5 and 17 years old. Don Buchwald and Associates has offices in both New York City and Los Angeles, CA. The agency is a member of the Association of Talent Agents (ATA) and National Association of Talent Representatives (NATR).

In New York City, Don Buchwald and Associates is housed on six floors of their own office building in mid-town, between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. In Los Angeles, the company occupies a 12,000 square foot office complex at 6500 Wilshire Boulevard, overlooking the heart of the city. The agency became an industry leader in 1977 when Don Buchwald with five associates founded the company. They have since grown to become a strong bi-coastal force in the entertainment industry.

The open call is NOT being held at the agency office.

You MUST email the following and request an appointment time and registration for the call :