New Talent Agency in Charlottesville, VA seeking new local talent

A new talent agency is attempting to fill a void in Central Virginia. Conversations with film industry professionals have made it clear that there is a need for an agency to represent emerging talents as well as established performers in the Charlottesville area.

They are currently seeking youth (ages 5-10), tweens, young adult, and adult actors to fill their roster. This is currently a proposal to create the agency and they are going to be very selective, as one of the partners is a former agent from Los Angeles and has many contacts in the industry. The agency's main focus will be to market talent not only in and around Charlottesville, but outside the state of Virginia as well.

For the time being they are only accepting talent from Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

Email the following:

In your email please introduce yourself along with your experience, immediate goals and training. If you are the parent of a minor child please indicate special skills/training the child has. Also, please indicate any trouble you have had with representation in the area. Perhaps you are a parent of a child and a company has asked you for money to get you work. Or you are an adult and had to wait months to get paid for a job you completed. The agency wants to hear all of the nightmares you have experienced in the area due to scammers, unethical business practices, and even lack of information. They want to make sure that they provide their clients with the best services, education and information.

Please submit one headshot and a resume (if your child does not have a resume, please indicate what skills, demeanor, special characteristics and qualities your child possesses).

You may include a link to your online resume link (i.e. Personal Website) or casting (i.e. NowCasting, Actorcast, etc.) resume link if you have one.

Do not submit video reels at this time.